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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: JAN 2022
1. General
Hi User! Screenz Live (‘We’ or ‘us’ or ‘Screenz Live’) values your privacy and wishes to let
you know how it handles your personal information.
This privacy policy explains which personal information is collected about you, our
Consumer, through the Screenz Live website (the ‘Platform’) and
through our 'Services' on the Platform, and how we use and process the personal
information we collect.
2. What does Screenz Live do?
The Screenz Live Platform is a platform for Consumers to view and participate in
pre-recorded and live content such as concerts, festivals, conferences, webinars, etc.
Our platform allows Consumers to browse and search through a variety of content uploaded
by 'Creators', register to follow a particular Creator, and purchase tickets and/or subscription
to Creator content and/or the Platform as a whole. See our Term & Conditions.
If you subscribe to a particular Creator via our Services or otherwise, you should
review the privacy practices of that Creator, to better understand which information
they collect and processes about you, and what security measures they apply.
Purchasing of tickets/subscriptions on the Platform is supplied and controlled by the ticket
sales platform – – owned and managed by Eventer
Technologies Ltd. ('Eventer'). Here is their Privacy Policy.
3. Collecting Personal Information
When you use our Platform, we may collect Personal Information about you. Sometimes this
information will be collected for our own usages, as described in this policy and other times it
will be collected as part of a separate controllership with our Creators.
When we collect Personal Information we shall use the personal information according to
this Privacy Policy. Any personal data rights you may have, including the right to
transparency about what is done with the Personal Information collected, are vis-a-vis us,
Screenz Live.
However, when your information is collected under our separate controllership with Creators,
any personal data rights you may have with regards to the Personal Information collected,
are also subject to that Creator's privacy policies. In such an event we suggest that you
examine the Privacy Policies of those Creators before providing any information.
4. Children
The Platform is not directed to individuals under 16. Screenz Live does not knowingly
collect personal information from individuals under the age of 16. If you are a parent of an
individual under 16 and believe your child has provided personal information to Screenz
Live, please contact us at
5. What kind of information do we collect as a
If you use our Platform and our Services as a Consumer, you may provide us with the
following personal information[S2] :
1. Contact information upon registration/ purchasing action – registration and
purchasing is achieved by linking to us through your Google or Facebook
account, or signing in via SMS .
a. If you register using your Google or Facebook account we will receive
your name, email address, language preference, and profile picture or
your name and profile picture, respectively – and as decided by the social
network you have chosen.
b. If you register via SMS we will receive your cell phone number, full name,
and e-mail address.
2. Customer Care – feedbacks concerning the Services, including through our 'Help'
3. Information regarding your use of the Platform – Usage frequency and manner,
login attempts, user inputs to the Platform, interactions with content including
artists and channels, etc.
4. Passive technical information such as the IP address of your end-point device.
5. Online identifiers (e.g., cookies, tags, etc.) – Used for operational, analytical, and
marketing reasons. For more information about online identifiers, please go to the
section "Cookies" in this policy.
6. Purchasing information –This information includes your name, purchased
content, and payment details. Any purchasing action involves an intentional
interaction with Eventer.
7. Subscriptions – Information provided upon subscription is your full name,
cellphone number, e-mail address, and credit card details.
a. In the event of a subscription to the Platform, the subscription information
is collected by us.
b. In the event of a subscription to the content of a particular Creator on the
Platform, the subscription information is collected by us and by the
Creator, separately, for our separate and individual usages. Any
subscription action to a particular Creator involves an intentional
interaction with that Creator.
6. How do we use the information we collect?
We use the information collected above to provide our Services, operate the Platform, and
provide customer care, based on your consent or our legitimate interests. You are not
obliged to provide any of the information above, but without it, we may not be able to grant
you the use of the Platform or fully operate the Services.
The information collected may also be used to improve our Services and the Platform,
create future services and products, or provide you with marketing materials. Either way, we
do not share any of the information with third parties, unless you have given your consent.
By connecting to our Platform with your Google and or Facebook account, we may share
identifiers, commercial information, internet or other network or device activity, or general
location with Google and/or Facebook and they may share the information based on their
respective privacy policies.
We may use your contact information, that you provided us, to send you messages about
new features, Platform updates, service updates, etc. Some of the messages sent to your
contact information may contain advertising content [S3] –– You can opt out from getting
these messages by clicking the unsubscribe link that is included in every marketing message
we send and then following the opt-out instructions provided in the message or the link. We
shall only provide you with marketing and direct marketing materials according to your
consent, when required by applicable law.
7. Cookies
We use cookies and other online identifiers and tools on our Platform and our Services
(together "cookies"). In general, Cookies are small text files sent by a web server to your
web browser/app and saved locally on your end-point device. The cookie allows the server
to uniquely identify the browser on each page.
You can find more information about cookies and other online tracking technologies through
the following websites:,
You can also find additional information on how we use tracking technologies by reading the
cookies section on your browser's settings. For example, for those who use Google
Chrome, go to Settings - Privacy and security - Content settings – Cookies - see All cookies.
Cookies set by the website owner (in this case, Screenz Live) are called "first-party
cookies". Cookies set by parties other than the website owner are called "third-party
cookies." Third-party cookies enable third party features or functionality to be provided on or
through the website (e.g., advertising, interactive content, and analytics). We do not use
third-party cookies on our Platform. Cookies are either set by us for our own purposes as
described above in "What kind of information do we collect as a "business"?" and "How do
we use the information we collect?"
Types of Cookies:
There are 3 types of cookies used (or may be used in the future) on the Platform: Essential,
Analytical, and Targeting.
· Essential cookies are strictly necessary for the Platform to run smoothly and to
provide our Services and are strictly implemented on the Platform by us.
· Analytical cookies are used by us throughout the Platform to learn how you
interact with content on the Platform and improve content and Services and
enhance your future experience on the Platform.
· Targeting cookies may be used by us throughout the Platform to make
advertising messages more relevant to you and based on your interests.
Some cookies are removed when you close your browser session (temporary), other
cookies last for longer periods (persistent) and can be used to recognize your device on
different browsing sessions. You can view the expiry date of each cookie, through your
browser settings. We may use cookies to remember your log-in details and make it easier
for you to log in the next time you access the Platform.
For more information about the cookies we use, please see our Cookie Table[S4] :
Type Domain Service Duration
_ga_B8SKQ9HHPZ Analytics 3 months
_gid Analytics 3 months
_ga_X6LMX9VR0Y Analytics 3 months
_ga Analytics 3 months
47dc0 CDN 30min
_ga_PHVG60J2FD CDN 30min
_gaexp CDN 30min
cfmrk_cic CDN 30min
_ga_HFQ2BE70BQ CDN 30min
sparrow_id CDN 30min
_ga CDN 30min
__cf_logged_in CDN 30min
_gcl_au CDN 30min
_hjSessionUser_2677317 Session Session
_ga_VV8Q3Y4PW1 Google
1 day
_ga Google
1 day
_hjSession_2677317 Session Session
_gid Google
1 day
intercom-session-k5xycrno Support
chat 7 days
_fbp facebook 3 months
_gcl_au Google
3 months
This table may be updated from time to time, to a reasonable extent. Hence, temporarily, the
table may lack a cookie that has been added to the Platform. Nevertheless, cookies shall
only be used for the described purposes.
Some Web browsers offer a "Do Not Track" ("DNT") signal. A DNT signal is an HTTP header
field indicating your preference for tracking your activities on a service or through cross-site
user tracking. Our Services and Platform do not respond to DNT signals[S5] .
8. Retention
We may retain your information for the period consistent with the original purpose of
We may also retain your information as needed to pursue our purposes as described above,
such as complying with legal and regulatory duties, resolving future or ongoing disputes,
enforcing our agreements, and for various tax purposes and requirements.
We may keep aggregated non-identifiable information without limitation, and to the extent
reasonable and consistent with this privacy policy and the relevant regulation we will delete
or de-identify potentially identifiable information when we no longer need to process the
9. Sharing of information collected
We may share information, as follows:
For legal reasons
We may share your information if we reasonably believe that:
1. It is necessary to comply with a legal process or inquiry (such as a court order,
subpoena, or search warrant) or any other legal requirements of any
governmental authority.
2. It would potentially mitigate our liability in an actual or potential lawsuit.
3. It is necessary to enforce this privacy policy or our Terms of Service.
4. It is necessary to investigate and prevent unauthorized charges or other illegal
5. It is otherwise necessary or appropriate to protect our rights or property or the
rights or property of any other person or entity.
With our Service providers
We use service providers, who assist us in making our Platform and Services available.
These service providers are contractually obligated [S6] to act on our behalf and per our
instructions, with regards to the information that they receive from us. For example, we may
share information with third parties who provide services to us, such as Google, AWS
(Amazon Web Services), [S7] . These third parties may access, process, and/or store our
(and in turn your) information while providing their services to us, and they may vary from
time to time.
Affiliates and Partners
We may share information that will not identify you personally, with our affiliates,
subsidiaries, parent companies, partners, or other affiliates of Screenz Live to deliver and
improve the Services and the Platform, or to produce future services and products. This
information will not directly identify you.
Additionally, we may share your personal information within the Screenz Group[S8] .
Structural Changes
In any case of acquisition, merger, or any other structural change, we may share the
information collected, provided that said entity shall undertake the provisions of this Privacy
Screenz Live or SCREENZ GROUP does not sell or share your personal information
with third parties and has not done so in the past 12 months.
10. Your rights
The following rights granted by law may apply to you. To redeem any of those please contact
us directly.
A. Your rights under California law or another specific US state law
As a California resident you have the right, by law, to exercise the following rights
before the business controlling the use of the personal information that was collected
about you:
'Right to Know' –the right to know what personal information about you has been
collected, used, and disclosed. If any of the information is wrong or incomplete, you
may ask to rectify it.
'Right to Deletion' –the right to request the deletion of any personal information that
has been collected about you.
If you are not a California resident but believe that you are entitled to the rights mentioned
above (or others) from another legal source – you may contact us and request exercise of
your rights. We will examine the validity of your claim before agreeing to process any
We may not and shall not discriminate against you for exercising any rights under the
California Consumer Privacy Act or another applicable law.
Consumer Rights Notice. Under California Civil Code Section 1789.3, we are required to
provide California residents with the following specific consumer rights information:
● The Platform is owned and operated by Screenz Cross Media LTD [S9] .
● To file a complaint regarding the Platform or to receive further information
regarding use of this Platform, please contact us via email at We will do our best to reply within reasonable time.
● You also may contact the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of
Consumer Services of California’s Department of Consumer Affairs in writing
at 400 R Street, Suite 1080, Sacramento, California 95814 or by telephone at
(916) 445-1254 or (800) 952-5210.
B. Your EU/ UK Data Subject Rights
As an EU/ UK resident, you may request to review, correct, update, delete, restrict or object to the
processing of, or receive an electronic copy of your Personal Information for purposes of transmitting
it to another company (to the extent the requested right is provided to you by applicable law).
A summary and further details about your rights under EU data protection laws, is available on the
EU Commission's website at:
If you are not a California resident or EU/UK individual, but believe that you are
entitled to the rights mentioned above from another legal source – you may contact
us and request exercise of your rights. We will examine the validity of your claim
before agreeing to process any request.
To exercise your rights:
1. Contact us[S10] with your request
2. We reserve the right to verify your identity before we process any request
relating to your personal information.
11. How do we keep information secure?
Screenz Live implements industry standard security mechanisms to secure the information
on the site. These security mechanisms are designed to reduce the risks of unauthorized
access into our databases. However, they do not guarantee complete protection at all times.
Therefore, we do not guarantee that the Platform will be completely immune from
unauthorized access and misuse of the information stored on it.
We urge you to take steps to maintain the security of your personal information, including
maintaining the secrecy of your passwords for accessing your user account and logging out
of your account after use. Screenz Live will not bear any responsibility for the disclosure of
your user information, or for any misuse of your information resulting from the fact that you
did not keep your login credentials, including your password, confidential, or that you did not
update your password frequently.
Screenz Live is taking any reasonable action to keep your information safe. Nevertheless,
Screenz Live is not responsible for any damages to the information, or to the functionality of
the Platform and/or the Services, caused by reasons beyond its control, force majeure,
cyber-attacks, pandemics, strikes, etc.
12. International Transfers
The Platform and Services are web-based. We may transfer, store, and process information
about you on servers and databases located outside of your country of residence, which
could have different data protection rules than those of your country of residence or the
country in which you were located when you initially provided the information.
If any international transfers of Personal Information will be conducted, they shall be
exercised according to applicable Data Protection Laws.[S11]
13. Miscellaneous
We recommend that you review this privacy policy periodically, as we may update it from
time to time. Your actions via our Services and the Platform, as applicable, constitute your
acknowledgment of the up-to-date privacy notice to the fullest extent permitted by applicable
For any other inquiry, please contact us at We will do our best to reply
within a reasonable time.

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